Crescent Head

Image provided by Crescent Head Surf Co.



Thanks to all who joined us on our OCT Crescent Head Bush Retreats. We immersed ourselves on the beautiful mid-north coast of NSW for 5 days of surfing, meditation and personal development. Lots of incredible memories for everyone.

Stay tuned for upcoming 2021 retreat dates.

In the interim check out the feedback we’ve received from our guests and our wrap up videos by Hannah Anderson and Taiyo Masuda.

“The retreat was relaxed at all times, even with a full schedule. Matt and Kate created the perfect setting for the guests to feel open, and comfortable enough to dive into the sensitive, vulnerable area of meditation and self-enquiry. The deeper mindset/self-work was balanced well with the active daily schedule.

Morning routines of breath-work, Kelee and yoga followed by delicious smoothies, bulletproof coffees, and the ‘frothy’ surfing sessions each day that followed! The food from Bush Shack was sensational, the accomodation at Wallum Cottages was spacious and comfortable, and it was just amazing to spend time with highly successful middle-aged groms 😉 that still want to keep learning, growing and improving themselves.

Kate’s way of teaching and explaining new concepts to the group was warm, informative, and her humour added an uplifting and enlightening feel to the conversations.

I think a key take-out from the Kelee meditation is how practical it is. It really feels like a wellbeing tool to use, and it doesn’t take much time at all! The perfect technique for busy lifestyles. Thank you for the experience, the new mindset skills, the incredibly helpful surfing analysis and advice, and for being so kind and inclusive!” Josh Fergus

“Four days of surfing, meditation, great food and just overall well-being in one of the most beautiful corners of NSW – what not to love about that? But most memorable are the amazing and truly inspiring people that I’ve met over those few days.” Moritz Grauel

“It was a life changing experience. It has taught me the value of finding stillness, healing, and the ‘experience’ of living life. I felt totally part of the gang, respected, cared for and accepted for me.

Both Kate and Matt were so inspirational. The one thing that attracts me the most to this way of living, is the example that you both are. It’s so much more than a technique or a practice.

What struck me the most is that this is a whole of life way of being. Thank you both so much for being shining lights. You have helped me find the healing that I need.” Steve Hibbins

“The experience of Kelee, breath work and yoga to begin the day and the healthy food. I loved getting out there and giving surfing a go even though it remains a challenge for me! I felt so good at the retreat.

I have had a sore stomach for a while now that completely disappeared while I was away and came back as soon as I got home so I am curious to know what the key element was there. Just not having any work to ponder was fabulous too.” Emma Oscroft

“The knowledge. How to be a better you by understand yourself and learning the skill [Kelee Meditation] to read your life experience. Wholistic health – yoga, Wim Hof breathing, Surfing [and surf technique analysis], massage, whole food diet, camp fire with tunes, laughter.

This camp attracted quality people whom were open to be their better selves. We were well looked after. Great energy to be around in a remote bush setting. One of the better weeks of my life. Thank you for giving me the opportunity Kate and Matt.” Lawrence Keating