Terms & Conditions – Academy

About Matt: Matt Griggs has coached, world champions, Australasian champions and published 2 best sellers. He also competed as a professional surfer for 10 years. Matt is at the forefront of performance coaching, having worked with Mick Fanning (2007/09 World Surfing Champion), Stephanie Gilmore (5x Women’s World Surfing Champion), Owen Wright and many other World Tour professionals. Matt also works with Olympians, first grade NRL teams and executives on elite performance. Matt is also the director of The Kelee Foundation, a meditation technique that helps people dissipate disharmonious thoughts and open to greater awareness and happiness.

The Academy: Matt is an elite coach only, coaching kids at, or looking to reach the elite level. To achieve this, Matt has in place a program that offers guidance and support in all areas of their technical, physical, tactical and psychological development. In this way, the program is holistic in nature and at its heart is a clear message that personal development precedes professional. Since Matt left the WSL World Tour, his high performance academy has grown to 50 plus members. Within the current group, there are competition winners at both state, national and international level.  Everyone that joins gets a t-shirt, stickers + a high performance journal to document their learning’s as well as weekly program, including physical exercise/nutrition, meditation, technique, etc.

What level do I need to be at to join?: This is not a surf school this is a High Performance Academy. You need to be in a board-riders club and already competing at regional level, with goals of elite performance. You don’t have to be amazing right now, I am more interested in people that want to be – and are willing to put in the work. This is not a surf school. I will be on the beach videoing; so all surfers need to be able to handle themselves in the water to a certain degree. 

Group Coaching: Sessions run between 4-7pm weekdays.

If Matt doesn’t already know you, you will need to complete one private session before joining a group. Once in the group, you will get the monthly schedule preceding every new month, plus a text message on the morning of your session, confirming the time and venue.

Cost is $60+GST. Parents drop the kids at venue with surf gear and a change of clothes, pick up at 7pm. Sessions run in school terms and stop during school holidays as many people are away.

Health: Students must be 100% well to attend coaching. If a student is unwell you must alert Head Coach Matt Griggs of the situation and the student will be asked to stay at home and self-isolate for 14days. After this period of time students can attend coaching again.

Indemnity Forms: (Lasts 6 years from the relevant date)

  • Students who are participation in surfing coaching will be asked to sign an indemnity form.
  • This form gives The Nature of Success Tours / Matt Griggs Coaching approval for you to participate in an elite training session showing potential for improved surfing.
  • Indemnity declaration covers students acknowledging exposure to all normal risks associated with participation in surf session. That you agree you will indemnify Matt Griggs against all claims, demands, actions and liabilities arising from participation in this course.
  • You agree to allow Matt Griggs to use images that may be taken during the course of your lesson for promotional purposes.
  • You agree you can swim more than 100mtrs
  • You agree you are equipped and experienced to sit out the back unassisted in the water to catch waves.

Privacy Policy: Matt Griggs Pro-Surf Academy is committed to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of your personal information. Matt Griggs Pro-Surf Academy will not pass on any of your details to a third party unless you authorise us to do so. If you do not want to appear in photos or videos used for the promotion of either Matt Griggs Pro-Surf Academy or The Nature of Success Tours please speak to us prior coaching commencing.

Payment: Matt will do a roll call at each session for accounts to invoice students at the end of every month. Please wait for this invoice to arrive in your inbox before paying, if the invoice doesn’t arrive after 14 days please let Matt or Kate Griggs know – kate@mattgriggs.com.au. Prompt payments are appreciated and please either include your last name OR invoice number for tracking.

Cancelation Policy: Matt Griggs Pro-Surf Academy is committed to every coaching session and we expect the same commitment from our students. You will receive monthly emails with the training schedule; within 2 days of receiving the email you are required to communicate with Matt on ‘away days’ or ‘holiday dates’.  We have limited places within the Academy and a list of students on standby who can take your spot with enough notice.

If you have agreed to participate in coaching you have agreed to dates provided in a monthly schedule sent out at the beginning of each month.

If we have not received notice that you cannot make the session when the schedule is sent out, a 50% penalty fee will apply.  If students / parents give notice at the beginning of the month, before the monthly schedule goes out, no penalty fee applies.

If invoices are not paid on time coaching will be suspended.

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