Indemnity Form – Academy

Matt Griggs – Director
PO Box 362 Cronulla, NSW Australia 2230
Mobile: 0416 188 544

Welcome to the Matt Griggs Pro-surf Academy,

You have been selected as part of an elite group showing potential for professional surfing. Matt has extensive experience in coaching ASP World Tour surfers, including world champions, and will do his best to show you the way, teaching you the knowledge of health, happiness, and high performance, in life and in surfing.

A roll call will be done post-session. If we have not received notice at the start of the month that you cannot attend coaching a 50% penalty fee will apply.  If students/parents give notice at the beginning of the month no penalty applies.

STUDENT DETAILS (For Private or Group Classes)

    I acknowledge exposure to all normal risks associated with participation in a registered Surfing Australia Surf School with Matt Griggs Pro-surf Academy. I understand that Matt Griggs Pro-surf Academy will take all possible care, but I agree I will not hold Matt Griggs or any of the Matt Griggs Pro-surf Academy Coaches liable for any injuries incurred during period of care nor will I hold the Matt Griggs Pro-surf Academy liable against all claims, demands, actions and liabilities arising from participation in Matt Griggs Pro-surf Academy. This indemnity form is valid for 2years. I agree to allow Matt Griggs Pro-surf Academy to use images that may be taken during my lesson for promotional purposes. This form is valid from date of signing and indefinitely while participating in the Matt Griggs Pro-surf Academy.

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