Matt Griggs The Nature Of Success Coaching Retreats

Weekend Retreats – 2020


Dates will be released soon. 

Feedback below from our recent ‘Mind, Body & Performance’ Retreat…

“Matt and Kate put on an amazing weekend retreat providing the freedom to detach from phones, a busy headspace and be among like minds, the food was amazing leaving everyone asking when the next weekend retreat will be?”

 “The retreat was a godsend for me. Matt & Kate know their subject matter. It was comprehensive, yet fun. It was delivered to a group, but spoke to us individually. The atmosphere was open and casual, yet, it was delivered respectfully and seriously to a group of like-minded people eager for this valuable information. The group were “my people”, they were “good humans” and I have made some excellent friendships that I hope last a lifetime.

“My first retreat and I loved it. I went alone intentionally to move out of my comfort zone and was quite nervous about meeting new people. I shouldn’t have been. The group that attended this retreat were like-minded, kind hearted and inclusive. I have met some of the most wonderful people this weekend. The Kelee meditation experience and the additional health & performance advice meant I actually got the information I’ve been searching for in an easy to understand format that I have immediately implemented in my life for the greater good of my mental/ physical health & the resulting benefit of my little family. I am so happy. Thanks Matty & Kate #goodhumans”

“Matty and Kate provide an amazingly warm and welcoming environment. For someone like me who had never practiced Kelee and was out of Yoga for 4 years, I fit right in with the experienced folk amongst the group. The benefit of being in a group surrounded by others who have been experiencing the same struggles as I have helped immensely. The community we formed within the opening hours was astounding. Beautiful people, from all walks of life, with a common goal. The food, the accommodation, and the area were all amazing and helped form such a transformative weekend. I have a renewed sense of hope and clarity after the weekend with Matty and Kate and can’t say how much I appreciate their love, care and guidance.”

For more info please contact: / 0415 167 723.