Free Your Mind

“Free Your Mind”

10-Session ONLINE Course in the Mind and Meditation

IMAGINE being open to the experience of life without being affected by it. To develop a mind that doesn’t drift, but is consciously aware and free of distractions and internal dysfunction. To have a way to understand how your mind works and a simple way to train it for greater clarity and self-awareness. This is the purpose of this course.

Course objectives

–    Learn the anatomy of the mind via the basic principles of the Kelee®

–    Learn Kelee® Meditation

–    Learn how to remove mental blocks such as mindless distractions, stress, anxiety and depression

–    Learn and train the features of an elite mind

Online Course Outline (10 x 1-hour sessions at weekly, or bi-weekly frequency)

Session 1: Learn the practice of Kelee® Meditation

Session 2: Becoming consciously aware

Session 3: The Difference between brain function and mind function

Session 4: The surface of the mind, your reception point for life

Session 5: A map to the mind – understanding the internal defence points

Session 6: Dysfunction

Session 7: Detaching from disharmonious thoughts

Session 8: The Flow of the Kelee®

Session 9: Facing your fears

Session 10: Evolving

Course outcomes

–    Less brain chatter

–    Higher focus and self-awareness

–    Increased energy, better sleep quality and strengthening of the immune system

–    Reduced stress, anxiety and depression

–    Greater self realisations and internal freedom

Email to enquire about costs and availability. These sessions are all conducted on ZOOM. A link is sent to students the day of the class along with any other course material.

The Kelee Foundation® retains sole copyright for it’s material in this course.

Client Feedback

“When I first started meditation I commenced with a certain amount of trepidation only to be delighted and enriched by this life changing journey that Kate and Matt explored with me.

They were there every step of the way and enlightened me into a new way of existing that is a life long journey of tapping into the inner me which is an ever questioning search and true inner well being that I had never experienced.

I felt a sense of protection and true healing of the mind and my sprit and even on my weaker moments my lessons taught me to stop and think and look at my reactions and seek another way that took me to an inner peace that I hadn’t experienced and will be forever grateful for the chance .

To learn Kelee is too explore your inner world . It takes practice and it’s worth every minute of a continual path of self discovery and inner peace. With peace and Love”

Janice Brault | RN, BN, M.Ed(Adult ED), Sessional Academic,

School of Nursing and Midwifery| Western Sydney University

“Kate was great. Very sensitive to each individuals needs. Good at giving examples to explain things. Three things I achieved through the course: Less looping. Less anxious, Sleeping better.”

“I’m more aware of my “inner” self and my behaviours in particular situations, so I feel like I have more control now. The practice is incredibly powerful and broader than the mere teaching of meditation …. I thought it would be good before starting the course and turns out it was wonderfully so.”

How to get started?

Matt and Kate Griggs teach this course and are based in Sydney, Australia. For more information please email:


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