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Nature Of Success Corporate Coaching

Working with high calibre athletes and executives, Matt Griggs has built a holistic program called, ‘The Nature of Success’. ‘Nature’ meaning your intrinsic value and ‘Success’ (from the Latin) “to go on well,” or “to go after”. ‘The Nature of Success’ corporate program provides a map to understanding your intrinsic value, creates a state of mind that is focused and fearless + teaches the performance tools to achieve success based on World Champion methods.

Program Objectives

  • ∞Learn the nature of the mind, tools for greater self-awareness + mental focus
  • ∞Understand mental/physical health and how to maintain it for maximum performance output
  • ∞Learn how to remove mental blocks such as fear, brain chatter, stress, anxiety, negative self-talk and depression
  • ∞Understand and execute what it takes to perform in an elite environment and achieve success without compromising health and happiness


  • A focused work force = no wasted time = no wasted money
  • A happier, healthier work force = harmonious work place culture, staff retention, less absenteeism
  • High performing individuals = high performing company


•  One-on-one coaching  •  Tours  •  Group coaching and work-shops
•  Keynotes  •  Guided Meditation and psychology of performance

Client Feedback

I starting working with Matt feeling overwhelmed by the chaos of our fast moving “information world”. It seemed like there was always more to learn, do, test, achieve and like I was never quite “enough”. MG took me into a realisation that all that stuff is just a reflection of my inner state. Through his coaching and Kelee Meditation practice, I was able to glimpse a deeper reality, calm the inner turbulence, see things more clearly and achieve the same results in the external world with much more focus and much less stress (of course inner mastery is still a work in progress!). If you’re obsessed with “performance” and “success” but feel an inner lack or dissatisfaction – I highly recommend working with Matt. He’ll help you understand that fulfilment and joy doesn’t come from “out there”, it comes from within. Oh… and he’s a ripper bloke too which makes every session something to look forward to!

Confidence was never my issue, but the perceived or applied idea of using that to create, support and thrive during my day to day work practise was at times stilted by my own inability to action, work pro-actively on tasks and avoid procrastination. Matt has given me the tools and believe to go beyond these trivial issues and self imposed restrictions.

 Working with Matt was a game changer for me. He helped me find clarity and from that I feel that both my personal and professional life have begun to unfold in a incredibly positive and exciting way.

 I Found Inspiration! By detaching my mood from the emotions of others my mind is clear to pursue projects that truly inspire me.

Matt has amazing presence and a sense for understanding people. One meeting with Matt is enough for a life reset.

How to get started?

Please feel free to contact Matt to set up a meeting ( to see how we could potentially do work together.


Matthew Hayson
Owen Hayford
Partner, Legal at PwC Australia specialising in infrastructure, transport and procurement
Andrew Lowey
Innovative Real Estate Property Online Marketing
John McGrath
Founder of McGrath Estate Agents
Miles Williams
General Manager - Experience, Capability & Transformation BUPA
Charles Lanchester
Head of Australian Equities, BlackRock
Kim McKay
CEO Klick PR
Claire Salvetti
One Green Bean Managing Director
Steve Thomas
Principle Bell Property Manly
Paul Burrod
Ex CEO Facebook Australia/New Zealand