Working with high calibre athletes and executives, Matt Griggs has built a holistic program called, ‘The Nature of Success’. ‘Nature’ meaning your intrinsic value and ‘Success’ (from the Latin) “to go on well,” or “to go after”. ‘

The Nature of Success’  program provides a map to understanding your intrinsic value, creates a state of mind that is focused and fearless, + teaches the physical lifestyle and performance tools to achieve success based on World Champion methods. Now you too have the opportunity to change your life for the better. We have worked hard on creating an online learning experience that mirrors what Matt teaches in his face-to-face sessions, delivered in your own time and in your own home.


1.The program is based in the three pillars of mind, body and performance.Learn the nature of the mind + tools for greater self-awareness, will power and mental focus.  Understand how to remove mental blocks such as fear, brain chatter, stress, anxiety, negative self-talk and depression + develop the features of an elite, high performing mind.

2.Learn Physical health and lifestyle practices to maintain optimal performance output and enjoyment of life.

3.Develop the high performance habits and protocols to perform at the elite level, without compromising who you are and how you want to live.  Together, we create a foundation of self-awareness that inspires purpose, goals to give direction and actions to realise your potential.


A focused mind = no wasted time = no wasted money

A happier, healthier human = harmonious work place culture, staff retention, less absenteeism

High performing individuals = high performing company


Access to our Q & A forum + Members only access to our library of videos on the mind, physical health and performance, with tips, recipes, yoga and meditation tips and much more.


The Nature of Success 10-Step Performance Program is $599AUD (exc. GST)

Price includes access to 10 x video sessions with High Performance Coach Matt Griggs, access to the online Q & A relative to each section.

Once registered, you will have a hard copy of The Nature of Success journal posted to your selected mailing address, this contains the course material. You will also get a copy of  ‘Troubleshooting the Mind’ by the founder of Kelee® meditation Ron W. Rathbun as extra material support for your journey into understanding and opening your mind to be open to everything and affected by nothing.

Postage included within Australia only.

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