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"Over the years I've had several coaches, both business and sport.  Matt has managed to find the perfect blend of adding value in both areas. I've never met someone who truly invests the time up front to get to know you on a really deep level and work with you on your journey towards self improvement and what it means to be operating in peak performance. My life has changed in a meaningful way as a result and would recommend him to anyone who wants balance and focus on the things that matter in their life." Paul Burrod, Ex-CEO Facebook Australia/New Zealand

“Supercoach is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Matt Griggs. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Matt for about 3 years, during which Matt has been able to teach a unique, successful and sustainable approach to obtaining my business goals. Above all, what I was most impressed with was Matt’s calmness and total focus during our sessions.  Matt has the ability to understand complex issues and leave you with constructive and practical actions that has made a positive impact on my career and personal life.  I have no hesitation in recommending Matt.”  Shane Dorman, Director, Derivatives Trading. Westpac Institutional Bank 

"I asked Matt to deliver a 'Nature of Success' workshop for the Mango team as part of our personal development training. We learned how to maximise performance both in our work and personal lives through some simple but effective tools that are relevant to both elite sportspeople and high achievers in the corporate world. In short, it was fantastic. Matt is a super smart and very down to earth individual and we felt lucky that he imparted his wisdom onto us! Claire Salvetti, Ex-Mango Managing Director

"As a young partner in a major Australian Law Firm, I wanted a better work / life balance and t o be truly successful and content, long term! Through Matt's coaching, i now have the skills, habits and knowledge and achieve this."  Owen Hayford, Clayton Utz

"For all those that were paying attention, Matt's presentation was both simple and inspiring." Tim Fox, Digital Mojo, USA

Matt Griggs has taught me to be present and in the moment, and not be dominated by continous thoughtsI now refer to this as being in the zone. Running a business has its challenges and Matt has given me the ability to remain calm with a clear mind no matter what circumstance. This is having a positive impact on myself and those around me."  Andrew Lowy, Managing Director, Efficient Data Communications

"Matt turned a light on inside both me and the team. The one-day work shop he did for us was inspiring.“  Managing Director, Sea and Shells, Israel




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Daily Disciplines

Knowledge needs to be accompanied with daily action and discipline to acheive long term health, happiness and high performance.

Here are some things to focus on... daily!

1. Meditate (meditation clears the mind of clutter, develops focus and awareness, as well as healing via a calming of the nervous system.

2. Contemplate: Take the time every day to contemplate the direction of your life and how you could move foward in a more harmonious way

3. Exericse: Move with awarness of correct posture and enjoyment, every day! 

4. Hydrate: Drink 0.03 times your body weight a day (in kg's) as a minimum to help the body process toxins and function at an optimum

5. Trust your feelings: Feel first, do second. This means you are not running on auto pilot devoid of feeling and awareness of what you are getting into.