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Want some Feedback? - Monday, October 2nd, 2017 10:50 pm

Our development follows a basic pattern: We have an idea, we run the experiment, then we learn and grow. This natural process is often compromised, either because of a lack of ideas, a fear in taking action, or a simple inability to pay attention to the actual experience. Often what can limit personal development is this close assessment of your performance, which provides the raw material to capture key learnings and strategise on change. This is where feedback can help.

There are two basic types: external and internal. Internal feedback is based on how you feel about your performance - what was happening with your state of mind and execution of your knowledge or skill? External is having something (like a video camera) or somebody (a coach or mentor) critique your performance. 

To get the most out of feedback, you first of all need to be open to it. Second, you will need a way of understanding, documenting and bringing your new learnings into new action that drive greater performance. Look closely at your openness to feedback. If you fear it, it is more then likely ego is in the way (you have manufactured confidence to hide what you don’t want to face - you don’t feel good enough). Or maybe you just haven’t built or utilised a good team and resources around you. Either way, could be worth investigating how feedback can help you - and put a system in place that accelerates your personal development.  


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Daily Disciplines

Knowledge needs to be accompanied with daily action and discipline to acheive long term health, happiness and high performance.

Here are some things to focus on... daily!

1. Meditate (meditation clears the mind of clutter, develops focus and awareness, as well as healing via a calming of the nervous system.

2. Contemplate: Take the time every day to contemplate the direction of your life and how you could move foward in a more harmonious way

3. Exericse: Move with awarness of correct posture and enjoyment, every day! 

4. Hydrate: Drink 0.03 times your body weight a day (in kg's) as a minimum to help the body process toxins and function at an optimum

5. Trust your feelings: Feel first, do second. This means you are not running on auto pilot devoid of feeling and awareness of what you are getting into.