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Reaching your Potential - Friday, March 13th, 2015 3:26 am

The dictionary defines potential as “possible, but as yet not actual.”  We have all heard the comment, “anything is possible.” If this is true, why is the World littered with people that don't make it actual? 

First of all, not everyone is looking for success in the elite realm, but at some level, everyone is looking for a feeling of being at their best, no matter what their interests, or how lofty their sites. If you look simply, you'll see that what you're really looking for, is something you don't have. This might be skills and knowledge, or it might even be a feeling, like confidence. They are all peices of the high performance puzzle - and there are many.

Along the pathway of reaching your potential, everyone comes across some stumbling blocks, both mental and physical. The biggest blocks I see are not in the physical structure - but in the state of our mind. For example, look at the variation in size and structure of people's brain and physical anatomy and it's not great, but look at the range of difference in people's state of mind... it's huge.

Unfortunately, most people don't reach their potential, because they can't see the possibility of greatness in their own lives, due to their own limited perception or existing mental blocks and faulty self-beleifs, like a lack of self-worth, fear, or other stresses. Why would you accept you are limited?

Practicing Kelee meditation will open up your perception and help you detach from any mental limitations that are blocking you. To see without limitations will open up your perception of what is possible - to perform without limitations is living up to your potential! There will always be another level, that much I have learned, but in that moment, you experienced the best of your current ability and fulfilled your potential.

As a result of KM and further self study, you will continue to detach from mental blocks and open deeper states of perception and curiosity. You'll feel a sense of inspiration and fascination towards what's possible, powered by the will to go after it - and the freedom of no blocks to acheive it.

It doesn’t take much time to ponder what you can be amazing at, but in actuality, greatness does take time! A long time - and a lot of work, so go after something that you genuinely love - and you'll notice your will is stronger! If you have the will - and can see the way, move with awareness and without fear, someting that can be acheived with an enlighteing learning modality like Kelee Meditation. If you're will is strong, but you can't see the way, it doesn't mean you're hopeless, it just means you need more time to learn, so be patient and bring in the people (coaches and mentors) that can help you move with awareness towards your goal. Moving between these two points (from possible to actual) without mental resistance in your day-to-day life is not just reaching your potential, it's living it. Matt:)


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Daily Disciplines

Knowledge needs to be accompanied with daily action and discipline to acheive long term health, happiness and high performance.

Here are some things to focus on... daily!

1. Meditate (meditation clears the mind of clutter, develops focus and awareness, as well as healing via a calming of the nervous system.

2. Contemplate: Take the time every day to contemplate the direction of your life and how you could move foward in a more harmonious way

3. Exericse: Move with awarness of correct posture and enjoyment, every day! 

4. Hydrate: Drink 0.03 times your body weight a day (in kg's) as a minimum to help the body process toxins and function at an optimum

5. Trust your feelings: Feel first, do second. This means you are not running on auto pilot devoid of feeling and awareness of what you are getting into.